Shantay You Stay

The objective of this project was to create a book about an assigned artist. My Artists was RuPaul, therefore it was important to do my research to better understand his life and personality in order to perfect my layout and design thinking.

Project 1 RuPaul book cover
an image of the full RuPaul book jacket on a white spread


Throughout the process of creating this book, I added elements pertaining to his career. For instance, I named the book “Shantay You Stay” because he says this on his tv show RuPaul’s Drag Race; it means that you have made it to the next round. Additionally, on the back of the book I included the saying “Sashay Away” because he says this when a contestant gets eliminated on the show; therefore, their time is done.

RuPaul book spread number 1
A person with pair of high heels stepping on a book
RuPaul book spread number 2RuPaul book spread number 3
RuPaul book spread number 4RuPaul book spread number 5


The outcome of this book is very reflective on his life and career; between the colours and added elements. The cover of the book is scrapbook like because Drag is composed of taking bits and pieces of materials and such to create a story and a look behind it.