Sid Neigum Branding

The objective of this project was to rebrand Sid Neigum's fashion brand.

Project 3 Sid Neigum branding promotional poster mockup
Sid Neigum white modern storefront mockup


I found a way to reflect the process of creating an article of clothing from the idea to the final product. I have created a half serif and half sans-serif typeface to replicate the design process from the start to the finish. The colours are kept very minimal to go with the luxury and contemporary feel of the brand. The use of textures and details are included in my branding to further lock Sid Neigum's current design style.

Sid Neigum magazine mockup
branded shopping bags mockup
desktop website of sid neigum brand
business card mockup


This project allowed me to make the branding more personal to this company. The uniqueness of the logo ties back to the intricate and unique designs that Sid Neigum produces.

shopping tag mockup with Sid Neigum logo on it