Four Walls

The objective was to create a poster that reflects the composer John Cage and his album “Four Walls”.

Project 6 Mockup of four walls poster
an image of the composer John Cage


The album itself reflects the slow development of the disturbed mind and one’s descent to madness. His music includes repetition which represents his obsessions and feelings of entrapment. These feelings are reflected in my poster by portraying a sense of heaviness with the colours melting together with a void in the background. The use of minimal colours in posters is because the composer is very adamant on making his music simple, to allow listeners to play on their own; I used his way of thinking into the design of my poster. The scattered text is representational of his obsessions and disturbed mind, as it is placed in unusual and unsettling manners.

mark making that were done in the process of creating this poster
underground Poster mockup


The outcome of this project was a fair representation of the “Four Walls” album by John Cage; it reflects the good and the bad that came along with the creation of his album.